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Yugioh Arc V Episode 2 & 3 Discussion – Learning Pendulum Summoning


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Here is my discussion of episodes 2 and 3 for Yugioh Arc-V. What do you all think of this new series so far? I hope you all enjoy!
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  1. To me the manga is fake lol and most mangas yugioh and Pokemon are like a day dream a 13 year old made up lol fan fantasies.

  2. My fav character was Jaden but my fav series was 5DS buut by favourite monster Slifer is from the orginal
    I didn't mind zexal but it took awhile to get used to Yuma being bad to start

  3. Yusei odd lose one duel because of an earthbound immortal or as I like to call them demon cards

  4. I should've guessed the Zexal anime took place in an alternate universe. The fact that duelists creating their own cards and defeating monsters with 100k atk like it's nothing is the norm was kind of a dead giveaway. Man, I'm an idiot.

  5. I don't agree with that secondary char. In all manga/anime. In DB/z all of them had a time where they were bad and the strongest albeit in a lot of cases it's in DB but it's like yugioh IMO cuz they get stronger when they fight tuff opponents. And that's not even getting in to how the saiyan's each had there times that they were strong enuff to beat the strongest opponent at that time.

  6. A season that involves yuya going back in time to meet yuma, yusei jaden and yugi would be nice. I hope that all the new cards like the new elemental heroes will actually be shown in the anime.

  7. I'm enjoying arc-V, but honestly I wish Konami would at least do an OVA that centers around the Duelist Terminal Lore. You know, treat it like the 3rd season of digimon where the characters are in a completely different dimension that breaks the 4th wall, but pull them all to the "Spirit World" and have them deal with the different monster tribes like Gishiki, Gusto, Vylon…heck even my bros the Ghostricks (Still dueling of course)

  8. Yeah….Shingo will most likely join Yuya when the actual antagonist shows up…of course he be all tsundere about it _.

  9. I haven't gotten a chance to watch arc v yet. Does any1 know if there's a website that I can check it out? Thanks regardless

  10. I do people Yusei lost once to Calin Kessler, the guy who played Infernities and had one of the Earthbound Immortals.

  11. Well to me it seems as if they are just a little further into the future….like in the movie Bonds Beyond Time

  12. To anyone who's not sure if Arc V is good or not,
    Katsumi Ono,the director of Arc V also directed 5D's (go look it up)
    No wonder Arc V is great so far from episode 1-3 cuz he directed the best series with great storyline ,Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's!!!

  13. He still has a Pendulum monster, his dragon, but it would be more satisfying for Yuya to win without them.

  14. Cybernight8610 zexal did have a god card it was hope/utopia and its 8 forms with all the ZWs it had. And I've gotta say Arc V is actually getting pretty interesting.

  15. Tea actually duel 3 times 1 in episode 2 when she dueled joey……….. And won
    2 vs Mai valentine
    3 vs and against that penguin

  16. It doesn't really focuses on the duels… It's all about the entertainment aspect of dueling. The 3rd episode annoyed me, the antagonist did not shut up. Shark and Kite were at least cool. Jack was actually good at dueling and could back up his trash talk Chaz had the charm and Kaiba was the perfect lovable douche bag. This antagonist I hope dies. The series itself is alright tho. Better than Zexal.

  17. Why nobody payed attention to episode 2 after the duel that yuya wasnt himself/didnt remember anything after the pendulum summon he did. Thats a major plot clue

  18. i know that there is are two entermate monsters that are pendulum monsters
    -Entermate Tiptoad‎
    -Entermate Kaleido Scorpion‎

  19. Yusei was my favourite protagonist because he was mature and was actually smart when dueling. I only remember Yusei loosing against Kiryu/Kalin and Jack

  20. I feel as if Arc V is rather dark, especially when considering what Yuma brought to the table at the start of his series (or lack there of).
    I'm really enjoying it and that music track may rival the first series in terms of catchiness. 

  21. Entertainers like magicians and such use pendulums, and things like pendulums to hypnotize people. He is, and his father was an entertainer, he also got the pendulum pendant from his father. Basically, he didn't remember how he won the duel or how he used pendulum summoning because he pretty much hypnotized himself without realizing.

  22. I still like a talented/skillful protagonist, I am not saying I want the protagonist to win all the time, but at least he win most of the time but only lose to some strong duelists, and I like the older protagonist just like yusei which is one of the reasons I like 5d's so much

  23. well im thinking can waiting more surprise Im wish watching arc monster,superior card o more surprise and card

  24. Also, because yuya is younger, I feel that he should lose some duels in order to develop his character. Yusei was the oldest protagonist and was clearly the most mature of the others, aside from atem, but hey he's 5000 years old. I much prefer it when the characters mature as the series goes on, like Jaden did, though they never dubbed the fourth season. Personality and maturity adds to whether it's ok if the character wins often or not.

  25. If I can see synchro and xyz summons in the Arc V, I will change my mind and start to like it

  26. Yusei lost his duel against jack in the past and it showed his growth since then. I feel that yusei not losing is okay because yusei used strategy and combos to win his duels, similar to yugi. Jaden, while using some combos, is more about summoning his fusion boss monsters. Yuma follows a similar style, but focuses mainly on utopia. It's still too early to say what yuya's style is, but I hope he uses more strategy or combos like yugi and yusei. Love the episodes so far. I like the voices and I like how yuya has to learn about pendulum summoning and master it. I can see that they are setting up for future events in the series to allow for character development.

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