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Titans (2×06) | Superboy Fight Scene | Web chia sẻ những bộ phim hay nhất.

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Titans (2x06) | Superboy Fight Scene
Titans (2×06) | Superboy Fight Scene


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  1. Goes after a clone of Superman (who is BULLETPROOF!!!)

    Uses regular bullets instead of Kryptonite bullets

  2. Stand down!!!!! Stand down!!! What are you doing???? Stand down goddammit, I said stand down!!!!!

    Could have done without that genius dialogue, but I come for OP conner kent and I am not disappointed with OP conner kent

  3. "Theyve never seen anything like you" hes a damn clone there literally has to be something like him

  4. Not a bad looking fight scene, however, I have a few critiques:
    1. The dog's heat vision looked absolutely ridiculous and was only redeemed with the rocket catch.
    2. The bullet ricochet placement didn't make any sense being on the sides of his frame and slightly behind him seeing as he was getting shot at from in front. They should have been bouncing off his torso area.
    3. 1:55 one gripe I have with this show isn't that it's trying to be edgy or gritty, but that they are trying to do so by overusing the "F" word. I don't have a problem with the word itself being used, but they use it in all the wrong ways in this show. A good example of how to use it properly would be in Jojo Rabbit where it was saved for the very end (and only used once) when he shouts it at Hitler. Otherwise, all I can hear is Will Smith from iRobot saying, "Stop swearing, you're bad at it."
    4. Inhaling the gas/smoke was fine, but then immediately blowing it back into the room was where they lost me. It would have made more sense to blow it out the window or whatever. I also liked seeing him blow all the bad guys away but it would have been better if he wasn't just blowing the gas/smoke back into the room.

    Otherwise, not a bad scene. I especially liked the camera tracking him through the wall. I am betting the Superman & Lois Pilot used that as inspiration for when he attacked Captain Luthor.

  5. Hes been told not to use his powers.

    It will only attract atention.

    Even i know that. Those who have abilities. Hide it. Bcoz of that reason.

    I have lost something important to me. Bcoz of this.

  6. Damn first time seeing super dog in a movie and in a real life version. Last time seen him was well in super pets or whatever it was called

  7. How is his shirt bulletproof along with his skin? I thought the approach for this show was supposed to be grounded and realistic with a superhero element similar to the Marvel Netflix shows, but this scene was poorly choreographed. Luke Cage had better fight scenes as it looked more believable and realistic despite the fact it's about a bulletproof hero who's a Superman figure to the people of Harlem, hell it isn't afraid to get Luke Cage's clothes to be filled with bulletholes.

  8. Imagine going back to your C.O and having to explain how you were attacked by a dog that shot lasers out of its eyes.

  9. I didn't even get to this part of the show yet so imagine my surprise when i find out krypto is in this show and HE DOES THIS 1:46

  10. This whole show feels like it’s a CW show, the fights are shit and slow, the acting is terrible, the dialogue is hot garbage, characters just stand still trying to look cool for no reason, the cgi is shorty, the sound design is terrible, everything is constantly dark, and the plot lines are just super retarded. God this is a step down from Young Justice.

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